a man wearing a suit showing a document with the text confidential written in it

“I just finished reviewing the surveillance footage of [the applicant]. I cannot wait to take his deposition tomorrow. [ACI], in a word, wow! Good work. I believe we have a fraud case on our hands. That is, unless the applicant testifies that he is perfectly fine tomorrow. [ACI], again, great job!!!”

A grateful client writes that our report “tells the story very well, and gives the doctor or other reader an easy way to make a decision. Thanks.”

“Perfection, I have come to expect nothing less from you (Alias Confidential Investigations).”

“Permit me to say that your investigative product, (e.g. your decision to arrive early for the claimant’s interview and capture video of him walking without restriction; then moments later having him provide a recorded statement claiming severe disability) revealed sharp investigative skills. Furthermore, your subsequent surveillance film and reports provided our SIU with sufficient evidence to establish what we believe to be reasonable suspicion that fraud has occurred, and apparently, law enforcement concurs because they have agreed to conduct a full review of the evidence.”

After obtaining nearly two hours of video on a claimant who had already collected a six-digit settlement, and saving the client a huge amount of that settlement, Patti Nevin, Chief Claims Adjuster for the California Fair Services Association, writes, “This is great work. Thanks!”

After investigating a claimant on Temporary Total Disability, our client responded, “Very Nice! Good to see there were multiple activities of lifting… Thanks for your great results!”

“I really appreciated the depth that the report went into, quite exceptional.” –

“You are my hero once again!!”

“You rock… I really appreciate your atttention to detail and concise updates and determination – it is refreshing and appreciated!!!! Thanks”

“You did awesome work on this case! Awesome!”

“Make no mistake, the services you and your company have provided have been impressive compared to others in the industry, and we appreciate our ability to work with such a solid investigative firm.”

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